Cards'n'Castles is a deckbuilding, autobattling, medieval strategy game that was developed for My First Game Jam: Summer 2020.

In the game you will build a deck of medieval units which you'll strategically position in a series of battles to become the King of England! As you progress, you'll get new cards and new options to deploy on the battlefield. After deployment, the battle is fully automated so you, as the commander, can see your strengths and weaknesses and prepare for the next battle.

Current progress

  • Deployment and battle game phases.
  • 8 different units with different abilities and stats, including Man-At-Arms, Archer, Cavalry, Skirmisher, and Mangonel (not all available in the demo battle).
  • 8 relatively balanced battles to fight.
  • Grid based attack/move system with basic AI behaviours.
  • 16x16 unit sprites, animated sprites for attacks.
  • Background grass and rubble distributed by 2D noise, and wind effects from animated grass.
  • Metagame loop, including card rewards for victorious battles.
  • v1.1 released here (post-jam).


If I continue development, my focus will probably go here:

  • Tutorial battle.
  • Tooltips to describe unit stats, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Particles and sprite improvements/animations (idle, attack animations).
  • New battles!


Cards'n'Castles is build with Godot 3.2, and developed by Sam Bigos, a games industry engineer based in Brighton, UK, who is doing his first GameJam for fun, as a learning experience, and as an escape from the tedium of professional game development.

Thank you for your interest!



Download 31 MB
Download 32 MB
Download 32 MB

Development log


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Wow, this game is pretty good! I like it a lot.

really enjoyed playing this through. was much better than it should have been…great work! music is great btw.


I would love to see this get updated, love the asthetic, probably some of the best music I've heard in a video game! It's sad that this is so short tho...

Thank you, I will consider it!



PERFECT... *-*

Is it a way to switch of the flashing crt lines effect in the desktop version?
I like the game, but for me that effect is a bit annoying. 
In the online version i do not see those lines.

Sorry, I didn't add an option for that. Strange that you don't see it on the web version though, it should be there. Though that's good for you! I might add an option if I do an update at some point, thanks for letting me know.


Ciao a tutti,

We just want to let you know that we reviewed Cards n' Castle on turnbasedlovers

Wish you the best with your project

A great game, mangonel ftw!

Great idea to make a good strategy game with minimal resources! 5 stars

This was a fun little game! Keep up the great work!


I really like this game, the different units were all unique and gameplay never got stale, with a genuine challenge near the end

(1 edit)

I had a surprising amount of fun watching my army march across France.

I hope you add more levels in the future, it would be really fun to control much bigger army's   


cool game

Really cool game!

Very catchy, very aesthetic! :)

Super satisfying, thanks for sharing :D

Very fun, would have loved some more levels though.

I love the whole vibe. Wish there was more! More levels, more unit options, and ways to give more specific orders.

The aesthetic is really really superb. Very clean, very well designed, love it!

The game is amazing ! The graphism, the sound design, the little story, the color scheme.

A little music would be cool maybe for the little menu/interlude but I like the fact that there's a little wind on the battlefield !

Good job :)

Thanks so much! I actually started looking for music but got sidetracked. I will see if I can find something suitable before the deadlihe. Did you get to the end?

Yup ! I won :)